[eigen] 2.0.4 release

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Eigen 2.0.4 is released. This is only a maintainance release for the 2.0 series.

The source archive is at:

Changes since 2.0.3:
* Several fixes in the overloaded new and delete operators. Thanks to
Hauke Heibel.
* compilation fix: add the missing ei_atan2 function. Thanks to Manuel Yguel.
* Use ei_atan2 instead of using std::atan2 directly.
* several compilation fixes in the Qt interoperability code: methods
toQTransform() and toQMatrix(). Thanks to Anthony Truchet.
* compilation fix and simplification in Matrix assignment
* compilation fixes in "a *= b" and  "a=a*b" when a has to be resized.
* remove a "stupid" version of ei_pow. for integers for gcc >= 4.3
* bug fix in Quaternion::setFromTwoVectors()
* several ctest improvements: use our own dashboard, use a separate
project for the 2.0 branch.
* documentation: improvement on the pages on unaligned arrays (the
online copies have been updated immediately).


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