Re: [eigen] Cumbersome syntax questions/feedback

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2009/8/17 Staffan Gimåker <staffan@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> Is there a reason that operator()(int,int) is treated specially?

I guess, because it is the single most basic accessor/mutator. However:

>And you are absolutely right on the expectation part -- it wasn't until
>I discovered the operator()(int,int) shortcut that I wanted col() and
>row() shortcuts as well.

this is kind of a good reason to not even provide operator() in
Transform, then :)

Actually, I notice that Transform doesn't have coeff() and coeffRef()
methods. That's unpredictable, since it has operator().

Gael, should we remove operator() in the next major version (which is
incompatible anyway) ? leaving as deprecated for now to allow a
smoother transition ?


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