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Eigen 2.0.5 is released. The flow of fixes to Eigen 2.0 doesn't seem
to slow down, a testament to the number of coding mistakes we've been
able to make in the first place. Thanks to everybody for making this

The source archive is at:

Changes since 2.0.4:
* fix bug: in rare situations involving mixed storage orders, a matrix
product could be evaluated as its own transpose
* fix bug: LU::solve() crashed when called on the LU decomposition of
a zero matrix
* fix bug: EIGEN_STACK_ALLOCATION_LIMIT was too high, resulting in
stack corruption for a user. Now it is set as in the devel branch.
* fix compilation bug: our StdVector header didn't work with GCC 4.1. (Bug #41)
* fix compilation bug: missing return statement in
Rotation2D::operator*= (Bug #36)
* in StdVector, a more useful #error message about the #including order
* add EIGEN_TRANSFORM_PLUGIN allowing to customize the Transform class
* fix a warning with MSVC
* fix a bug in our cmake code when building unit-tests (thanks to
Marcus Hanwell)
* work around a bug in cmake that made it fail to build unit-tests
when fortran wasn't installed
* in our cmake code, remove the part about retrieving the mercurial
info and appending it to the version number in the dox
* dox: remove the old example list
* fix the option to build a binary library, although it's not very
useful and will be removed
* add basic .hgignore file and script to build the docs (thanks to
Thomas Capricelli)


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