Re: [eigen] quaternion transcendentals

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2009/6/26 Thomas Vaughan <tevaughan@xxxxxxxxx>:
> A brief look at the documentation suggests that eigen does not support
> exp() for the quaternions.  (But perhaps I just missed it in my clumsy
> and hasty review. :^)
> So I am wondering if anyone has looked at the possibility of doing
> something like this for eigen:

Is there a use case?

Also keep in mind that in the context of Eigen, the interesting
quaternions are the unit quaternions. For those, there is really no
way at all that there could be a well-behaved log or
pow-with-non-integer coeffs. (By the way that Boost page says they
don't have these either). So really the exponential would only be
usable for problems where you really want the exponential itself. I
really don't see the use case !


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