Re: [eigen] Partially fixed size matrices.

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> This is a good idea, however since we are using doxygen to generate
> the doc this not going to be easy unless we extend doxygen itself !
> Moreover, since the documentation evolves from one version to the
> other, it is probably very tricky to be able to correctly propagate
> the comments...

Yeah I was thinking about that... Probably the easiest way, rather
than modifying doxygen is to add a script to the doxygen template:

<script src=fetch_comments.js>

Then you can insert comments into the page (with the set of comments
determined by the page name). For different versions you could hide
old comments in an expandable section. E.g:

[Comments for current version (2.1)]

----- Version 2.1 released -----

[Comments for version 2.0]

----- Version 2.0 released -----

[+] Show older comments.

Then a bit to write a new comment.

I'll add it to my extensive todo list!


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