Re: [eigen] How to resize a partially fixed matrix

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2009/6/24 Markus Benjamin Fröb <grey_earl@xxxxxx>:
>>     Matrix<float,Dynamic,2> m;
>>     m.resize(3);
>> but then we also want this to work:
>>     Matrix<float,3,2> m;
>>     m.resize(3);
> I don't see why the second case should work, since a) it's ambigous what the
> user wanted and b) in the documentation it says explicitly "Of course, fixed-
> size matrices can't be resized."

Yes, that's what I meant, sorry if I was unclear, we were wondering if
A should be allowed and I said "if we want to allow A then we also
want to allow B", where B is impossible, conclusion: we can't allow A.


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