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> For what sizes?
3x3 up to 150x150, inclusive rectangular matrices (e.g.: 100x50, 20x10,...). All results are similars.

> Can you send us code reproducing the problem?
> Also, 50 and 100 are HUGE as compile-time fixed sizes. For matrices of
> this size, you should definitely use dynamic size.
Here is how I measured the spent time for QR:

QR<MyMatrix> qr_h(A);
th = walltime(&t0);

Where MyMatrix is Matrix<double, 50, 100> (and A is a MyMatrix).
The program crashes at the initialization of qr_h with the message I posted.

> So: R rectangular and Q "really unitary".
> Notice that i say unitary instead of orthogonal because i want support
> for complex matrices.
With complex I haven't done much tests, but the code should work. I will test and eventually correct the issues.

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