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2009/5/3 Cyrille Berger <cberger@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
> On Tuesday 28 April 2009, Benoit Jacob wrote:
>> But at the moment we have KDE trunk that relies on Eigen trunk. So in
>> order to keep things convenient for KDE, we could, in the short term,
>> keep a copy of eigen in kdesupport, where it is now, and update it
>> from time to time by re-syncing with the git repo (any pointer
>> appreciated as to best practice to do that).
> I must say that having a "read only" mirror of code in KDE svn is usually
> *not* accepted by sysadmin, KDE subversion is intended for active
> development, and people expect the possibility to be able to commit in that
> part of svn. So when moving to GIT/Mercurial, it would be expected that
> eigen is also removed from kdesupport.

I know about this rule (it was discussed a lot about GMM when we had a
copy of it), and that's why I intended to remove eigen from KDE SVN
after a few monthes (say after the 2.1 release).

I don't think it makes sense to stick strictly to this rule and remove
eigen immediately.

I just wanted to make it more convenient for KDE by letting a copy of
eigen there in the very short term. That will be helpful until eigen
2.1 (which kde 4.3 requires) is available.


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