[eigen] [patch] Unit test warnings and final compilation issues.

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another patch which finally enables VS.net to build all unit tests and
leaves windows users with just a single warning.

It contains mainly reordering includes since it is not anymore
required that StdVector is included before <vector> and thus we can
save us from some multiple defined symbol warnings.

I did not have the guts to dig into that final warning which I do not
understand right away.

It occurs in alignedvector3.cpp in line 55:

55: VERIFY_IS_APPROX(f4.transpose()*m1,r4.transpose()*m1);

and tells us that in Transpose.h (lines 85...88)

87: return m_matrix.coeff(col, row);

returns the address of a temporary. Maybe that's something for Gael or
some Windows specific issue.


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