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As you know, Thomas has been experimenting with converting the SVN of
Eigen to Mercurial (aka Hg).

His latest result can be seen here:

As far as I can see, this latest version is flawless. There are only 2
branches, our trunk ("eigen2") and the 2.0 stable branch; there is no
merge (as far as i can see with my limited Hg knowledge).

So I'd like us to proceed with the migration.

First of all, i think there's a detail to sort out. The default
branch, aka the "trunk", is named "eigen2". Is that normal practice?
I've always been used to that being called "trunk" but maybe that was
a SVN-ism?

That aside, the next steps are:
0) important: no commit anymore in SVN
1) we make one last SVN tag, call it "before-hg-migration"
2) Thomas updates the Hg conversion and uploads that to bitbucket.org
(he already registered the name eigen for us:) )
3) we make a tag in Hg, call it "after-hg-migration"

Of course 0) will never be completely respected until we remove eigen
from kdesupport, but if some KDE developers commit there, that'll be
only minor changes, so it wont be a big deal if we have to merge.


PS: Hg has excellent tutorials, make sure you read:

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