[eigen] [PATCH] solving the transposed/adjoint problem with SuperLU

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As discussed in the forum [1] I need to solve the transposed/adjoint
system, and wrote a patch that does this for the SuperLU backend.

Documentation is still missing (I need to learn more about doxygen
first), and when I uncomment the test for the adjoint solving, I get a
segmentation fault - which I find kind of hard to debug because there
are other memory problems in that file, so valgrind produces lot of
output (see my previous mail). For a much simpler, isolated test case it
works however.

I was not quite sure where I should have placed the enum, I'm open to
better suggestions.



Moritz Lenz
http://perlgeek.de/ |  http://perl-6.de/ | http://sudokugarden.de/

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