Re: [eigen] CoeffReturnType causing lots of warning on vs2008

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Hi Kenneth,

can you try the following : go to MatrixBase.h line 204:

    typedef typename ei_meta_if<int(Flags)&DirectAccessBit, const
Scalar&, Scalar>::ret CoeffReturnType;

the idea is that presumably MSVC makes the bitwise & return an
unsigned int, and then doesn't like the implicit cast to bool when
using that as the first template param to ei_meta_if<...>.

So you could try changing this line like this:

    typedef typename ei_meta_if<bool(int(Flags)&DirectAccessBit),
const Scalar&, Scalar>::ret CoeffReturnType;

If you get something that looks reasonable and fixes your issue, don't
hesitate to commit !


2009/4/3 Kenneth Riddile <kfriddile@xxxxxxxxx>:
> I just updated to the latest trunk after being out of the loop for awhile,
> and I'm getting warnings similar to everywhere
> I instantiate something like:
> typedef float Real;
> Eigen::Matrix<Real, 4, 4> matrix;

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