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Hello everyone,

I want to gather opinions on the StdVector solution because I think the 
problem is solved in the wrong way.

I tried to build a program yesterday that links to a C++ library which exports 
symbols containing std::vector. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a clean way to 
do so when also using Eigen's StdVector because this redefines std::vector, 
resulting in a link error (if you properly include StdVector before declaring 
std::vector). Also, Eigen's meddling with the standard library essentially 
makes every program using Eigen's StdVector exhibit undefined behavior (C++ 

I propose to either properly specialize all container classes for Eigen 
classes (could be tricky) or to provide a separate set of containers to use 
with Eigen classes in namespace Eigen. The latter could very well turn out to 
be simpler.

I would love to hear what others think about this.


PS: Also, Eigen's vector interface is not correct in at least one respect: it 
does not provide the constructor 

template<typename InputIterator> vector(InputIterator first, InputIterator 
last, const Allocator& = Allocator())

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