[eigen] patch for RotationBase.h

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I've been using Eigen for a few months now and have found it quite
useful - thanks for your work in it.

I'm writing to report an error on VSNET 2005 using a recent trunk
version of Eigen2:

: error C2976: 'Eigen::RotationBase<Derived,_Dim>::generic_product_selector'
: too few template arguments
1>        c:\development\amelibraries\include\eigen\src/Geometry/RotationBase.h(57)
: see declaration of
1>        c:\development\amelibraries\include\eigen\src/Geometry/RotationBase.h(109)
: see reference to class template instantiation
'Eigen::RotationBase<Derived,_Dim>' being compiled

Applying the attached patch fixes the problem.



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