[eigen] Problem to compile trunk with MSVC

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Hi Gael,

many thanks to you and the all the other active parts of the eigen project for your continuous efforts.

All I can do (at this time) is to spend some little cpu time to run the cdash test suite, so i will do that.
Could you please take a look at the error cascade in trunk with MSVC ?
It's above (as usual) above my knowledge what is going on.

It seems problematic for MSVC to have source line like
const Replicate<ExpressionType,Direction==Vertical?Factor:1,Direction==Horizontal?Factor:1>
but i could not see or trace when this problem occour at the first time. May be the problem is a totally different one.


In the last few cdash tests, I use the original cdash-suite to avoid further irritations. The problem still keep existing.

Please drop me a short note if you feel my additional email post a little unpoliteful. In that case I will use the cdash tests only as a more background channel.

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