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2009/1/19 Geoffrey Hutchison <geoff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Which is a reminder that I offered an interview/question session a while
> ago. Hopefully Benoit and Gael will complete that too -- why not have a
> bunch of publicity?

I think we got stuck because our existing answers were too much
outdated and we didn't see clearly how to proceed from there.

Another problem was that in the meanwhile, we expanded the wiki a lot
and a lot of the questions you originally asked are now adressed

Can we restart fresh?

In order to avoid duplication between MacResearch and dot.kde, maybe
each of you could focus on these respective platforms and the
respective focuses of interests of the target audience... i.e. I
understand that MacResearch wants to hear about AltiVec support and
scientific applications while dot.kde wants to hear about the
potential benefit for KDE and KOffice...


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