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(as discussed since yesterday on IRC)

std::vector<value_type> (both GCC and MSVC implementations) has a
resize() method that takes a value_type by value.

Since attributes don't work on function parameters (with GCC and
MSVC), this means that this program,

#include <Eigen/Core>
#include <vector>

int main()
  std::vector <Eigen::Vector4f> v(10);

triggers the unaligned-array-assert (unless of course by pure chance
(50%) the copied vector happens to be aligned).
If we disabled the asserts, it will crash when trying to use aligned
SSE insns on this unaligned location.

thanks a lot to "alexs" from ##c++ IRC channel...

[18:09] <bjacob> ggael: so i got help on ##c++
[18:09] <bjacob> the only idea that seems to have a chance of working,
[18:09] <bjacob> is to define a separate vector type inheriting Vector4f,
[18:10] <bjacob> this vector type has a copy constructor that doesn't
use SSE insns
[18:10] <bjacob> and a default constructor that doesn't do the
unaligned array assert
[18:10] <bjacob> and use inheritance and implicit conversions to let
the user use std::vector on that vector type
[18:11] <bjacob> while using it as std::vector<Vector4f>
[18:13] <bjacob> so could make this templated .... template<typename
MatrixType> class AllowUnaligned : public MatrixType;
[18:13] <bjacob> std::vector <  AllowUnaligned <Vector4f> >
[18:14] <ggael> ok, I see
[18:17] --> alexs_ a rejoint ce canal (n=alexs@unaffiliated/alexs).
[18:17] <alexs_> Looks interesting :)
[18:19] <bjacob> ok some backlog pasting....
[18:19] <bjacob> http://rafb.net/p/C27reW66.html
[18:20] <bjacob> alexs_: ^
[18:20] <alexs_> yeah :)
[18:20] <bjacob> ggael: http://rafb.net/p/TDr0X549.html
[18:25] <alexs_> You could probably use a specialisation of
vector<Vector4> that statically sets the value_type to the right
thing, to hide it from the user?
[18:29] <bjacob> hm. and by the way set an aligned allocator. good idea.
[18:30] <bjacob> this will mean inheriting from std::vector, never
tried, hope it's easy (don't know what's the best way to preserve the
ctors, assignment operators, etc, that don't get inherited)
[18:30] <alexs_> composition should work ok
[18:30] <alexs_> it's not too many things :)
[18:31] <alexs_> operators are not members of vector anyway
[18:31] <bjacob> you'd recommend composition (i guess this means
having-as-a-member) over inheritance?
[18:31] <bjacob> not even assignment operators?
[18:31] <alexs_> composition for the things that inheritance doesnt bring in
[18:32] <bjacob> oh, i see
[18:46] <bjacob> alexs_: by the way it is not just MSVC that doesn't
allow align attribute on function parameters
[18:46] <bjacob> here, gcc 4.3.2 allows this code to compile but the
attribute isn't honored and i get my assertion at runtime saying the
object is unaligned
[18:48] <alexs_> bjacob: Oh :(
[18:49] <alexs_> is it a function parameter if you want aligned arguments?
[18:49] <alexs_>     -mpreferred-stack-boundary=num
[18:50] <bjacob> hm good idea
[18:50] <alexs_> default is 16 bytes
[18:50] <bjacob> oh -- so it's not what we want then -- as 16 bytes should be OK
[18:51] <alexs_> Unless you use -Os
[18:51] <bjacob> ++ -mpreferred-stack-boundary=16 -I
kde/kdesupport/eigen2/ a.cpp -o a && ./a
[18:51] <bjacob> a.cpp:1: error: -mpreferred-stack-boundary=16 is not
between 2 and 12
[18:51] <alexs_> Yeah, it is raised to a power of 2
[18:51] <bjacob> oops, "++" should be "g++"
[18:51] <alexs_> you want 4 :)
[18:51] <bjacob> ah ok
[18:51] <alexs_> but my man page says that is the default
[18:51] <bjacob> yes and with 4 is still get the same problem
[18:52] <bjacob> "preferred" is probably not strictly honored
[18:52] <alexs_> So it's not aligning them...
[18:52] <alexs_> It does say "attempt"



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