Re: [eigen] problem to contact svn repository

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On Tuesday 20 January 2009, FMDSPAM wrote:
> Hi List,
> In the past few days (2 or 3) something wend wrong with my repository
> access, without any known changes of my setup.
> If I try to update working copy from
> "svn://" (as all the
> days before)
> my subversion client (see version info below) pop up with:
> "
KDE's anonsvn's server have had a power outage today, and it hasn't restarted, unfortunately the admin (or at least one of them, but the one with physical access to anonsvn) is in Jamaic for KDE Camp events, so there is no say in when anonsvn is going to be back online :(

Cyrille Berger

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