[eigen] beta6 released

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Hi List,

Source tarball:

SVN Tag: http://websvn.kde.org/tags/eigen/2.0-beta6/

* fixed compatibility with STL containers:
  - aligned_allocator, by Kenneth Riddile
  - clever workaround for an issue with std::vector, by Alex Stapleton
* big reworking of the aligned malloc -- should now work on any
platform thanks to a good fallback.
* much improved web page for the "unaligned array" assertion, several
new related dox pages
* compilation speed improvements
* added missing cwise *= and /=
* fix buggy Quaternion contructor
* fix bug in Sum
* fix bug in SelfAdjointEigenSolver
* more progress in Sparse module
* more MSVC fixes
* more unit tests
* CDash.org support


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