Re: [eigen] Feeback to Rev #914777. (pre RC1)

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2009/1/21 FMDSPAM <fmdspam@xxxxxxxxx>:
> a) there is a flood of warnings (all out of one source)
> b) some warning of this kind:

a) and b) should be fixed now. Thanks for reporting.

> c) finally two error occur:
> Error    223    fatal error C1001: An internal error has occurred in the
> compiler.   FILE: c:\develop\eigen\eigen\src\core\cachefriendlyproduct.h
> LINE: 437
> PROJ: test_sparse_solvers AND test_svd AND test_eigensolver AND test_qr AND
> test_inverse AND...

An internal compiler error! Not sure how to deal with it especially as
I don't have MSVC.
The line in question is:

        res[j] += ei_pfirst(ptmp0)*lhs0[j] + ei_pfirst(ptmp1)*lhs1[j]
+ ei_pfirst(ptmp2)*lhs2[j] + ei_pfirst(ptmp3)*lhs3[j];

> Error    224    error C2248:
> 'Eigen::ei_sparse_cwise_binary_op_inner_iterator_selector<BinaryOp,Lhs,Rhs,Derived>::BinaryOp'
> : cannot access private typedef declared in class
> 'Eigen::ei_sparse_cwise_binary_op_inner_iterator_selector<BinaryOp,Lhs,Rhs,Derived>'
> FILE: c:\develop\eigen\eigen\src\Sparse\SparseCwiseBinaryOp.h
> LINE: 121
> PROJ:  test_sparse_basic AND test_sparse_basic

This one I'll let to Gael to find the right fix.


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