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Hi Benjamin,

I cannot reproduce your issue. I tried:

Matrix<float, 3, Dynamic> kern2(3, 100);
VectorXf grad_sum = kern2.rowwise().sum();
std::cout << grad_sum.rows() << " " << grad_sum.cols() << "\n";

and I get as output:

3 1

can you give us a wider view of your code ?


On Wed, Dec 3, 2008 at 4:40 PM, Benjamin Schindler <bschindler@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

In my code, the following gets executed:

VectorXf grad_sum = kern2.rowwise().sum();

After executing, I noticed that the m_rows member is set to something really high, but kern2 is a 3xN Matrix, so the result should be a Vector of dimension 3
Is this intended or a bug?



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