Re: [eigen] two technical points: WithAlignedOperatorNew and std::complex casting

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2008/12/31 Gael Guennebaud <gael.guennebaud@xxxxxxxxx>:
> yes, my idea was simply to add another enum (eg, since RowMajor==2, it
> could be equal to 2) which would be valid only for the 4th template
> parameter of Matrix, and then we test the presence of this bit to add
> or not the AlignedBit flag in ei_compute_matrix_flag ....

Good idea; the only thing I don't understand is "since RowMajor==2, it
could be equal to 2", maybe you meant "it could be equal to anything
but 2". If we start doing this then we need a static assert to ensure
that the other flags aren't passed as 4th param of Matrix, and we need
to make what we can to prevent confusion between 4th param of Matrix
and the flags -- to begin with, this param should no longer be called
"_Flags", maybe "Options" or "MatrixFlags" would be better.



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