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Hello all,

I found a bug in EigenSolver.h, when you want to use the pseudo eigen vectors (some of them are computed correctly, some not). Here is a a code snippet that triggers the bug:

const int N=14;

const int M=7;

Eigen::IOFormat fmt(10, Eigen::AlignCols, ", ", ";\n", "", "", "[", "]");

MatrixXd H=MatrixXd::Random(N,N);

Eigen::EigenSolver<MatrixXd> es(H);

cout<<"REVal = "<<es.pseudoEigenvalueMatrix().format(fmt)<<"\n";

cout<<"REVec = "<<es.pseudoEigenvectors().format(fmt)<<"\n";

const MatrixXd & realEigenVecs = es.pseudoEigenvectors();

const MatrixXd & realEigenVals = es.pseudoEigenvalueMatrix();

cout<<"EVDiff = "<<(H*realEigenVecs-realEigenVecs*realEigenVals).eval().format(fmt)<<endl;

I will be extremely happy if you could take some time to fix it. Thanks!

Also, there is a method for extracting the real part of a matrix (.real()). Can you add a .imag() to do the same with the imaginary part?

Best regards

Tim Hunter


Timothy Hunter

Student (Stanford University)

T. 404 421 3075

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