Re: [eigen] Problem with LU and Cholesky inversion

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Hm I read too fast: indeed we also have the same problem in LU.... which is my 
baby i.e. my fault.

Still not decided whether the right approach is to evaluate or to 


On Friday 10 October 2008 15:04:01 Benoît Jacob wrote:
> On Friday 10 October 2008 14:58:18 Benoît Jacob wrote:
> > Did you forget a nestByValue() ?
> Replying to myself: hm, rather a .eval() of course as a solver typically
> uses each coeff many times.
> By the way: the solve() API in Cholesky is not homogeneous with the other
> solvers, it returns by value while the other solvers have a C-style API.
> Can you harmonize that by the way?
> Cheers,
> Benoit
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