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Hi List,

After more than one year since Eigen2 development restarted from scratch, here 
is beta1 !

As usual: http://eigen.tuxfamily.org

We are clearly in polishing mode. Many bugs got fixed, many portability issues 
solved, and many API refinements, as a result of having now quite a number of 
projects using Eigen 2. There are also some new developments. The 
documentation saw massive improvements, especially in the form of a large 

Detailed release notes:

* various improvements in the Sparse module by Daniel Gomez though this
  module won't be part of the 2.0 release. It's more 2.1 stuff and is
  eagerly awaited by a few projects already (Krita, Step).
* new: "select" expression and comparisons to scalar
* new: print of matrices with custom formatting
* big improvements in the Geometry module, in particular:
 - new: Hyperplane, ParametrizedLine, Translation, Scaling
 - various other API improvements in Quaternion and Transform
 - add support for Qt's QTransform
 - s/someOrthogonal/unitOrthogonal/
* Altivec vectorization has been resurrected (Konstantinos Margaritis)
* LargeBit flag and related typedefs have been removed
* various bug fixes and documentation improvements, in particular
  the tutorials are now ready to be used, though they are still work
  in progress.

The 2.0 release should happen later this fall, and in any case before the 
KOffice 2.0 release.


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