Re: [eigen] Function 'assert' unknown

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On Monday 22 September 2008 23:15:18 Benoît Jacob wrote:

> Putting together what you said so far, we can conclude that your <cassert>
> file fails to define 'assert' in debug mode, but does define it in
> 'release' mode (when it should be defined to empty value).
> Can you look at your <cassert> file ? It should be in your compiler's
> standard c++ includes directory. First of all, was that file damaged? Then
> try to understand why it fails to define 'assert' in debug mode. Notice
> that debug mode is when the NDEBUG symbol is _not_ defined.

ah wait, in release mode, eigen itself disables asserts so assert() is not 
used at all.

so it may very well be that your <cassert> _never_ defines assert().


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