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On Thursday 28 August 2008 14:26:48 Gael Guennebaud wrote:
> after some benchmarking of GCC (4.2), it appears this is slightly
> worth it only if we disable the support of complex types in
> CoreDeclarations. Indeed most of the time is spent parsing the header
> file:
> #include <complex>
> ... like 50 % of the whole Eigen's Core module !!!!


> Moreover, the real technique to speed up the parsing of header files
> is to use precompiled headers. Using precompiled header on Eigen/Core
> is much faster than using a very tight CoreDeclaration header without
> support of std::complex.  With precompiled headers, there is no
> advantage at all to use a tight CoreDeclaration header.
> To conclude, even though it is me who suggested that idea, I would
> suggest to remove this file ?

Agree. If anybody complains we'll point the finger at #include<complex> :)

Do you know if g++ has the precompiled-headers feature? Is that easy to use in 
the context of a cmake/make/g++ project?


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