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Thank you for the updated owls and good luck with the programming contest!

I already like very much the image we're currently using for TODO but true 
it's always best with colors.

For bugs ---> true we must open such a page on the wiki. We're still at a 
stage where there are no known bugs (not enough users or we fix them too 
fast) but the bugs page could also be about letting users add their own 
wishes, contrary to the TODO page which is for us developers.


On Wednesday 13 August 2008 19:29:10 David Benjamin wrote:
> Okay, I finally drew relatively clean versions of the Bugs and Todo
> owls. (Sorry for the delay, was away for like... 5 weeks.)
> I probably won't be able to color them for a while though; I'm leaving
> for a programming competition tomorrow ( ), and
> starting college right after that.
> (annoyingly, this one got
> kinda smudged before I could get a scan of it... I'll see if I can get
> a cleaner one sometime)

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