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Let's examine Eigen's website visitor statistics...


it starts as follows:

HOST                         	PAGES	HITS	BANDWIDTH   	LAST VISIT
88-149-250-74.dynamic.ngi.it	226	327	4.25 MB 	06 Aug 2008
88-149-251-187.dynamic.ngi.it	167	167	144.52 KB	11 Aug 2008

ok, that's Gael.

It goes on with:

c...cpe.net.cable.rogers.com	159	529	6.60 MB 	12 Aug 2008

ok, that's me.

Then, in 4th and 5th position:

zoc-int-brk27.zocalo.net	85	240	5.24 MB 	12 Aug 2008
nat0.troll.no           	65	221	1.62 MB 	07 Aug 2008

Wow, 221 hits from Trolltech! And that's days before alpha6 and my blog entry.

And further below:

berlin-gw.trolltech.de  	24	120	3.24 MB 	12 Aug 2008

I'm rather excited about that, folks. I know that sounds childish, but having 
Trolls interested in Eigen is something I have been looking forward to since 
Eigen 0.9 times. The reason why I'm spending this energy into Eigen is that I 
believe that math is set to become much much more pervasive throughout 
computing, and the reason why it hasn't been so far is that there is no 
adequate offer of math software for non-scientific applications. So what 
would be really rewarding to me, would be to see Eigen used further down the 
stack. It's already good to find a home in the icing of the cake (desktop 
applications) but it feels even better in the middle of the cake. Having 
found our first users among KDE applications, perhaps the best possible next 
thing for us would be to find a use in KDE and Qt libraries. There are 
countless use cases, and we know we're the best library in existence.

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