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Thank a lot Ben !

I look very much forward to seeing what you can do in Krita using eigen2. 
Though, I know that you need Sparse and it's not yet ready. Btw if you want 
to help with that, that's very welcome !

> My only issue is the usage of the operator Matrix3f() in
> AngleAxis and Quaterion and operator Scalar() and others in Rotation2d. The
> toMatrix() is clearer and less error prone IMHO.

As you can see in the code,

  operator Matrix3 () const { return toRotationMatrix(); }

the method you're asking for is named toRotationMatrix(). Do you think then 
that it is a bad thing to also have the conversion operator? I can't really 
see how it could be dangerous. One can also discuss whether it is better to 
have an operator like this or a Matrix constructor. I don't really know... 
this is Gael's work btw.

> Also, I hope you add the performance benchmarks as examples to the wiki.
> They would be good examples to work from No?

Do you mean the BTL benchmark,

or the old benchmarks,

I'm OK with linking to them just in case one might be interested, but I 
wouldn't point a newcomer directly toward that (especially the old benchs are 

I rather think that we should write real tutorials : that's badly missing!


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