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Just letting you know that Eigen 2 is now being used quite a lot in Krita. I just replaced their old KisVector2D class by a typedef around essentially Vector2d (qreal instead of double to be precise, but that's double in most cases). Their code lends itself very well to this porting, for example they have a lot of
  center = (p1 + p2) / 2;
which is benefiting a lot from expression templates (only one vector traversal instead of 3). Another nice thing is that Vector2d is of course nice for vectorization. One of the places where this should bring large performance improvements is in the Bezier curves.

There are other usages, for example Cyrille wrote a perspective transformation tool a while ago, using a 9x9 LU solver which is now provided by Eigen.

The most useful thing in the future would be a complete Sparse module with some features such as least squares (Ben and Cyrille could refresh us on what exactly is needed). That would allow to remove the GMM dependency, and hopefully to improve performance. Perhaps for KOffice 2.1...


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