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Moin Carsten,

Thanks for noticing this, it looks like the machine used to run Doxygen didn't 
have LaTeX installed.

There are more problems ahead with Eigen2 as it does no longer 
allow to run doxygen against the srcdir... instead one must run 
CMake -DBUILD_DOC=ON and then run doxygen against the builddir (the reason is 
that the inline code snippets are completed, compiled, run, and their output 
is integrated into the documentation). Running doxygen against srcdir 
generates an error page explaining this.


On Thursday 14 August 2008 09:33:38 Carsten Niehaus wrote:
> Moin List
> Look at this page:
> The formulas are not generated, all you see is the part of the formula and
> then a link to missing files (like for example):
> I CC'ed Allen and Adriaan as they are listed as the maintainers of the
> site.
> Carsten

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