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Hi List,

I propose that we plan Eigen's release schedule following KOffice's as it's 
probably the project that needs Eigen to be released the most quickly.

For each of their pre-releases, they need to rely on a pre-release of Eigen. 
For example, I made eigen 2 alpha7 for koffice 2 alpha10.

They are tagging koffice 2 beta1 on September 16. So I propose that we make 
Eigen 2 beta 1 on September 15.

The final release isn't scheduled yet.

Another thing:
I propose to erase /branches/work/eigen2; instead, we can create a 
directory /branches/eigen/ with the following:
- releases: /branches/eigen/2.0 , /branches/eigen/2.1 etc... this is analogous 
to /branches/KDE/4.x...
- dangerous developments: /branches/eigen/somedangerousbranch


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