Re: [eigen] unaligned or not unaligned vectorization ?

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On Thursday 03 July 2008 20:54:10 Gael Guennebaud wrote:
> these results are for float, and I used various offset to unaligned
> the data. Now unaligned store appears to be more expensive than
> unaligned load, but the no vectorized path is actually much faster
> anyway.... Since unaligned data comes for block expressions we could
> try to find a way to evaluate the block to an aligned temporary....
> but we should do that only if the next evaluated expression is
> vectorizable and sufficiently costly to get high gain from the
> vectorization.... this looks rather complicated.

Yes, too complicated. But what happened to the idea removing ei_pstoreu and in 
assignments, skip the first unaligned coeffs of the lhs (i.e. do them without 
vectorization?) The idea still looks good to me but I might have not 
understood something.


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