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> I currently have a problem with the generic constructors and operator= of
> Matrix and XprBase... but I guess it's because I'm doing something wrong.

hope it works out !

> I practice it seems that slightly increases the compilation time :( ....
> not that much but I will investigate that, maybe it can be cut down again.
> On the other hand I think that's by far the best solution to allow proper
> method overloading as required by Quaternion and probably the homogeneous
> stuff...
>  (other solutions are:
>    1 - add some kind of "if(quaternion)" inside the method definitions
>    2 - duplicate codes and forgot xpr template for them (or duplicate the
> whole ET framework !) )

1 and 2 don't seem very good so it may be worth going ahead even if compile 
time is slightly increased for now...

> Regarding the documentation, you should bet one page per specialization
> that sounds good to me.

Right now doxygen is only run against the public headers, it doesn't enter the 
src/ subdir. So we may as well run Doxygen against a fake header doing 
specializations. We'll hide file indications, as anyway we explicitly tell 
which #include to do in the detailed method descriptions.

> Gael, very happy since he gets an INRIA researcher position in Bordeaux :-)

That's great!


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