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Meh. The various unrollers are a bit too different to unify. Some implement 
binary ops, some implement unary ops. Some need to know the row,col at each 
step (like visitor) while the other don't.

On top of that there is another problem: currently a large part of the debug 
size is generated by the unrollers, so if we add another layer of 
abstraction, we basically double that size.

So instead of doing a generic unroller I'll just rationalize the existing ones 
i.e. I'll start with Assign.h, adding partial unrolling (only rows, only 
cols) and rationalizing it; then I'll reuse that as a starting point for the 
other unrollers.

On Monday 09 June 2008 08:50:47 Benoît Jacob wrote:
> Since this is making the unrollers even more complicated, and since we now
> have several different places in eigen with such unrollers (Assign.h,
> Redux.h, Part.h, Visitor.h) I think it's now more than time to move to
> generic unrollers. These would take as template argument a struct providing
> the method to apply to each coeff, etc.

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