Re: [eigen] first benchmark of large and sparse matrix

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On Tuesday 24 June 2008 16:40:48 Benoît Jacob wrote:
> For sum(), things are different. Since sum() is a far less common
> operation, compilation time matters less, so I'm OK with merging it back to
> redux once redux is vectorized (again, sum is a starting point for that).

i forgot something !

Since we reimplemented the fuzzy compares using Hilbert-Schmidt norm, which 
uses sum(), the compilation time of sum() suddenly matters more! Also, all 
well considered, it seems to me that for certain users sum() could be a very 
common operation.

However, it might well be that merging sum back in redux does not increase 
compilation time significantly -- here there is no question of constructing 
nested xprs as with dot and Product.



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