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so it looks like -finline-functions has priority over attribute(noinline). 
Strange indeed, the local attribute is wiser than the global gcc option so it 
should have priority....

Worst case, the gcc man page lists the 4 cxxflags that -O3 adds over -O2 so 
you could always use -O2 plus the 3 other flags...

From Eigen's sole point of view -O3 doesn't increase speed over -O2 but of 
course we would like to preserve our users ability to use -O3 if they wish.


On Friday 13 June 2008 23:03:10 Gael Guennebaud wrote:
> ok, after some experiments I found the issue with gcc and and extern
> template. The pb is that I was compiling the code with -O3 and so gcc
> instantiate all members to check for automatic inlining. So compiling with
> -O2  makes extern templates working as expected: 6sec versus  16sec....
> However, the question still remains as we (at least me :) ) would like to
> be able to compile the code with -O3 while keep the benefits of having
> external instantiations...
> I've already tried the no_inline attribute: does not do the trick. So maybe
> with some inllining related options of gcc.... ????
> cheers,
> Gael.

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