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Thanks for the updated version!

True, it is inevitable that I will use more prominently the owls which better represent what I want for Eigen. Still, I can use both, and I'll certainly find a use for any owl that I receive.

I like your beta2 much better than beta1:

- it is more lively, as you say, and less serious. It looks younger.

- in particular, I like better now the way you draw its face.

- it is even kind of funny now, while being very professorly.

- i like the way it holds the book.

The following is not an intrinsic critique of your drawing, it's more a statement of what I have in mind for Eigen's mascot. Just so you know what I'm really looking for.

- in two words: cuddly and hilarious.

- cuddly: I imagined a fluffy, chubby owl that looks like it has eaten too much and makes one want to scratch its tummy. In particular:

-- The body should probably be bigger than the head. Otherwise, what

would one want to scratch? Also some fatness goes well with my idea.

-- The way you draw the head (with the nose lines continuing up into

the ears) is realistic for an owl, but somehow it makes it look serious;

I think what happens is that it makes the eyes somewhat nested in deep

arcades. Maybe a less realistic head is worth experimenting with? Also

that would give you more freedom to play with the ears, as their shape

would no longer be dictated by the nose.

- hilarious: I imagined an owl that _tries_ to look very wise (professorly attitude or attributes) but fails miserably.

-- Your beta2 owl doesn't fail at all looking wise -- it actually looks so!

I see two ways how it could _try_ looking wise without actually looking


--- by having a generally silly attitude that makes it just not credible

at all as a professor.

--- or more specifically by misusing professor attributes. Best example:

David's top-left owl with the hat hanging on the ear.

-- Self-derision for Eigen: this means Eigen is not so serious, actually

inside of it all the job is done by crazy/silly owls!

-- Make people laugh. If they don't draw any other benefit from Eigen, at

least there will be that.



On Tuesday 01 April 2008 08:19:21 Ronnie Tucker wrote:

> Hi all,


> This one is somewhat more friendly looking and more 'animated' in that

> he looks like he's mid-lecture.


> As for *having* to use both our sketches: I'm really not fussed if

> David's is a better idea and more appropriate. My sketches only take a

> few minutes so it's not like I'm losing days of work or anything. :)


> May the best man win! :D


> Thanks for the critiques on the sketches so far, keep them coming!


> Bye!

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