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Hi List,

Here is an updated TODO with beautiful artwork!


As I've been focusing intensely on Eigen recently, I now have to focus back to 
math research. I hope this Todo inspires you! I will make sure we can release 
alpha5 soon, but how good alpha5 is depends largely on you. As you know if you 
read commit messages, development since alpha4 has been huge, largely thanks 
to Gael.

To anybody interested (Jonas, Ramon?): now is a good time to implement QR/SVD. 
I am sorry I asked for help a bit too early the first time, when Eigen's API 
was not mature enough; but this time it really is ready for you! For 
examples, you can look at Eigen/src/LU/Inverse.h, specifically the function 
Inverse::_compute_in_general_case(), and another good example is 



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