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Great, this is also really the idea that I prefer.

Strigi (another lib in kdesupport) also uses an owl but not of the same kind.

First, there are two kinds of owl: with or without the two "ears". In French 
they are considered completely different animals hence I'm surprised that the 
English word "owl" covers both. The kind of owl I've been thinking about is 
the kind _with_ the ears, for which a dictionary gives me the english 
names "Bubo" and "Duc".  (Strigi uses a plain owl and makes it look like 
Athena's owl. Not at all what I want).

Here are some pictures capturing what I was thinking about:
(search for "Archimedes")
(on the cover of the book)

In fact I've been looking for something even more fluffy / chubby but couldn't 
fint. Something like the icons at TuxFactory but with a lot of feathers 
instead of the glassy aspect.



On Friday 28 March 2008 00:07:47 Schleimer, Ben wrote:
> Weird, I was thinking about an owl as a good mascot too.
> I vote yes for the owl..
> Cheers
> Ben
> --- Benoît Jacob <jacob@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > I just remembered an idea that I have been having for some time: an owl.
> > There are two aspects to an owl:
> > - it can be made to look cute/silly
> > - it is a kind of a symbol for wisdom/intelligence (good for a math
> > library). It remains so even if we make it look cute/silly.
> >
> > Think of Archimedes, Merlin's pet owl in the disney movie.
> >
> > Cheers,
> >
> > Benoit

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