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Thanks for the patch, Gael! It's absolutely great that you are already using 
eigen2 and are willing to live with the rough edges and even fix them.

(I'm away at University of Toronto right now so can't do anything 
eigen-related besides answering mail).

On Wednesday 13 February 2008 14:32:42 Gael Guennebaud wrote:
> I simply moved the Matrix::m_rows and Matrix::m_cols members to the Array
> class with 4 specializations of the latter one to handle the 4 cases.

So what you did is quite similar to what we had before with MatrixStorage -- 
except it's a bit cleaner. Indeed, that's the better solution, so I'll 
probably apply your patch when I come back (end of February). I'll change a 
few things though:
1) Since the rows/cols members are back, I'll rename Array back to 
2) Since it's getting bigger, I'll put that back to a separate MatrixStorage.h 
3) 'explicit' is not useful (AFAIK) for constructors taking more than 1 

> This patch only fix the Matrix class and not the Identity, One, etc.
> classes. Since they are only used at compile time (at least in most cases)
> I guess (hope) this is not an issue (anyway, in the worst case one instance
> of such a class currently requires 4 bytes instead of 1).

I agree with you. So, no need to implement those obfuscated workarounds for 
zero-sizeof members.



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