[eigen] LGPLv3 for a C++ Pure Template Library ?

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Hi List,

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I would like to know if the LGPLv3 can be suitable for a C++ pure template 
library, where all the code is in headers?

I asked the same question on this list in 2006 about the LGPLv2 and got this 


according to which the LGPLv2 is not suitable for a pure template library, and 
such libraries should instead use the GPL plus an exception.

I would really like to be able to use an unmodified license, instead of having 
to resort to appending an exception. So I would be very happy if the LGPLv3 
solved the problems of the LGPLv2 that prevented it from being usable for a 
pure template library.

(I could also elaborate on why I do not use the GPL. I need my project to be 
usable by a wide range of other projects, some of which might be under BSD 
license, some others might be dual-licensed GPL/proprietary, etc. I just want 
to allow everybody to use my project without any worry).

Best Regards,

Benoît Jacob

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