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Hi List,

Let's call what we have "alpha1". Only the Core module is there, without any 
documentation, but I prefer to present something now as I've been working on 
it for the past two weeks and now I need to get back to my paid job... I'll 
update you whenever I write the documentation.

The Core module is pretty complete and it's 1950 lines of code.

I've updated the eigen website and eigen2 has a dedicated "site" here:
Pretty much the only useful thing there is the link to the source tarball.

Even though there's no documentation, I think the two examples in the doc/ 
directory show how eigen2 can be used; for the rest, you can see almost the 
complete API in MatrixBase.h.

Ok, let me advertise one cool feature I haven't mentioned. eigen2 can "map" an 
existing array as a vector or matrix, also for writing. So suppose that 
you've got a "float *array", with n elements. You want to multiply every 
float by some factor. You can do:
VectorXf::map(array,n) *= factor;
and this compiles exactly to the same code as
for(int i = 0; i < n; i++) array[i] *= factor;
Well of course this example isn't so impressive but I wanted to make the point 
that eigen2 can interface with existing non-eigen data structures without any 



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