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Benoît Jacob wrote:
On Tuesday 04 September 2007 19:47:18 Schleimer, Ben wrote:
I disagree. I think that eigen2 should be using methods instead of global
functions because it's a C++ toolkit.

It's not a big deal adding member functions. In Eigen1 we allowed both dot(v,w) and, so I think we'll do the same in Eigen2, since there seems to be strong advocates of both approaches :)

fine, as long as the global dot or cross functions are present (of course inside eigen's namespace), i have no objections against member functions. if it is well documented that those change the value of the object itself.

FYI I've implemented the matrix-matrix and matrix-vector operator* as a global, and I don't think this is a problem since as Andre said the compiler will resolve that overloading and call this operator* only when appropriate.

or better:

double zLen = x^y*n*3;
(the ^ is the cross operator and the * is the dot operator. For vectors not
of dim3, ^ should be the wedge operator)

I won't give operator* the additional meaning of dot product. It already has 4 meanings (matrix-matrix, matrix-vector, matrix-scalar, vector-scalar products), this is enough!

i had operator* in my own little small veclib as dot product for a long time, but now i follow the way blitz++ and tvmet and do NOT give it the meaning of a dot-product. there are many good arguments doing so, but i forgot them ;-) (somewhere on the blitz++ mailing list)

I agree with the operator^ for cross product, actually I proposed it one year ago on #eigen for Eigen1 but someone objected. I don't remember what the objection was.

If we go for operator^ for cross product, then I suggest operator| for dot product. This is classical mathematical notation, especially in quantum mechanics (Dirac's "bras" and "kets").

too bad c++ cannot overload the dot-operator... but well, if "|" is that well known in quantum mechanics (to be honest, never seen that use, do you have some link / pdf showing that?), it sounds fine to overload it for dot product.

kind regards, andre!
p.s. i am very excited about the upcoming new eigen! thanks for all your efforts, benoit ! i like your way of "keep it as simple as possible". so maybe even c++ noobs like me will have a chance to understand the magic behind expression templates. or at least get the rough idea.

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