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--- Benoît Jacob <jacob@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi List,
> I thought that i'd focus on my "real" job but didn't manage to ;) so here's an 
> update on what happened, and wish me to manage to focus on my job now!
> I've been working locally with git and git-svn for the past 2 weeks, because I 
> had really big changes in mind. I've completely refactored eigen2, and the 
> most obvious result is that there are now only 714 lines of code, down from 
> 1093, and we don't even use anymore those big preprocessor macros to define 
> operators -- so the code size drop is even bigger!

Wow, nice. Thats a pretty huge drop. Nice job. I guess we'll have plenty of design wiggle room for
implementing specific optimizations...

> Concretely, I've unified MatrixXpr and MatrixBase into a single base class 
> template, EigenBase. This way, one can declare/define a function f taking any 
> kind of matrix/expression/vector/whatever as follows:
> template<typename T, typename U> f(EigenBase<T,U>& m);
> while the former design forced to define f separately for expressions and for 
> actual objects. This is responsible for the larger part of the code size 
> drop. Of course this is a "curious" base as in the CRTP programming pattern.

Very nice. Can you give a quick example of f?

> There are no longer Matrix/MatrixX/Vector/VectorX classes each reimplementing 
> its own constructors etc. There is only one "Matrix" class (it's what used to 
> be called MatrixBase), and there are typedefs emulating 
> Matrix/MatrixX/Vector/VectorX.
> It is now possible to "evaluate" expressions, i.e. you do
> 	eval(some_expression)
> and some_expression automatically finds which Matrix type must be created. 
> This means that all our expression types now recursively remember the number 
> of rows/columns as a compile-time constant, with a magic value (currently -1) 
> meaning dynamic value (unknown at compile-time). This will be very useful 
> later when we implement heavy operations which need to create matrices -- 
> such as LU decomposition.

Wow, how did you achieve this black magic? Seems extremely cool though.

> PS Bensch: I know you won't like eval() being a global function, but I've yet 
> to find a way to make the compiler tolerate it as a member. Probably that's 
> doable, I'm just tired.

Well if eval is applicable to all eigen expressions, then I don't see why it shouldn't be in the
Eigen2 namespace and be done with it. It seems reasonable for it to be general, especially if it
used for different expressions.



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