Re: [eigen] no need to call .xpr() anymore

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On Monday 10 September 2007 14:57:36 Andre Krause wrote:
> looks really great! how is it going with eigen2 in general? i hope
> everything works fine and you can make good progress.

I won't be able to continue spending as much time as I did last week, because 
it's getting more busy on the day-job-side. But I'm really confident that 
Eigen2 will continue taking shape nicely.

I have experimented this weekend with an idea of removing the MatrixXpr class 
and instead introducing a curious-base EigenBase that should be a base class 
for both MatrixBase and the expression classes. This should simplify a lot of 
things but it's taking time to design nicely. It might even allow to get rid 
of MatrixRef and pass everything by reference instead of passing expression 
classes by value as we do now, which will greatly help the compiler to 
optimize by avoiding emitting code for the initialization of expression 


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