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Just for the record, I forward Olaf's mail.


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Subject: Re: tvmet: licensing question for a project based on tvmet source 
Date: Saturday 09 June 2007
From: Olaf Petzold <tvmet@xxxxxx>
To: Benoît Jacob <jacob@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hello Benoît ,
> Hello Olaf,
> I'm developing a software project, Eigen2, that is based on tvmet 1.7.1 
> code. To be precise, Eigen2 is a C++ template library for linear algebra, 
> many of its own source files are taken from tvmet. In a sense, you could say 
> it's a "fork" of tvmet, but in a very positive sense. I am mixing together 
> code from three different existing libraries (tvmet, eigen1, gmm++) in order 
> to hopefully create an even better linear algebra library.
hopefully this will close the gape for the linear algebra packages for
small sizes. tvmet miss some functionality like lu decompostion etc. I
never found the time to implement this (tvmet was developed over a
couple of years).
> I am writing this to ask for your confirmation that I am allowed to 
> redistribute Eigen2 under the plain unmodified GNU LGPL license.
> I have seen that tvmet has an addendum to the LGPL. This addendum contains 
> advertising clause (Clause 5). I want to redistribute Eigen2 without any 
> advertising clause. I _will_ advertise tvmet very generously on the Eigen 
> website and documentation. Actually, I am already advertising tvmet on 
> Eigen's website (eigen.tuxfamily.org). But while _I_ am perfectly fine with 
> advertising tvmet, I don't want to force _Eigen's users_ to do so. 
> Advertising clauses also lead to many licensing problems on which I could 
> elaborate.
> As far as I can see, it isn't said anywhere that the addendum itself must be 
> kept in derivative works. So there are chances that I didn't even need to 
> write this e-mail. However, there are also chances that I do need your 
> confirmation, so I would feel relieved to read back from you.
Mmh, the advertising clause has the task to advertise tvmet. The goal is
clear I think. tvmet is well know but I never found a final software
which used it. This is the other point.

Well, I think Eigen2 derived from tvmet mentioned (with URL) at your
home page (as you did before), this should be enough. Can you live with it?



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