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Hi List,

Here's a little maintenance release, I hope you like it :)

ChangeLog since 1.0.1:
* expand MatrixP class with new methods.
* lots of documentation improvements, especially in MatrixP.
* ditch our non-aborting asserts in favor of standard asserts.
  --- this solves compilation issues on non-GNU platforms
  --- this is better because we only use asserts to control
      memory accesses, so if an assert fails then at best your
      program might give random results and at worst it's a
      security issue. So standard aborting asserts are what we want here.
* protect some dangerous constructors with the 'explicit' keyword.
* add fuzzy comparison methods, use them in the tests. Woops, just realized
  that not all of them are covered by the tests... only the isApprox()
  methods are. Regard the others as 'experimental'.
* Some internal changes in util.h.


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