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Fabien ANDRE a écrit :
What do you think about it?
Errr... What I think about that ? First and foremost I am impressed by this system :-D

Seriously, I think that the model you propose for casetta is the best... for users ! But it may be the worst for developers as it seems quite complicated to implement :-p

And because we are free software developers, we'll choose the best for users :)

About the implementation, I have the beginning of an idea. It would use the new object models of /I think each get_raw_data_list method (which is called before any transfer) could call another method named is_valid which would take the model of calculator in argument and raise errors. For example for a program :

class TransferableProgram(datacls.Program):
    def is_valid(self, calculator_model):
       if calculator_model != "G100" and len(
          raise TooLongNameError
       if calculator_model == "G25":
          for line in self.get_text():

class TransferableList(datacls.List):
    def is_valid(self, calculator_model):
     if calculator_model == "G25":
       raise ListNotAvailable

An then casetta_cli and gasetta could provide fixes using try: except blocks. Or maybe we should directly include a method to do the various fixes inside the objects. This implementation has advantages : quite easy to implement, ability to make completely different tests for any data_type and drawbacks : the method is_valid may be enormous for some data_types such as programs, it is not really "clean" as the compatibility test suite is not located is a specific module, and we cannot distinguish fatal, major errors and warnings. For warnings maybe just a return -1, "Your picture uses colors, I may not be displayed correctly." is enough.

This is a good idea, but raising exceptions has a problem : is a data has more than one problem, only the first found will reported... I think it could be better to have a strict separation between transfers and compatibility check: the casetta python package provides both, and it's the interface choice to make a test before a transfer. I think it would be better if the compatibility system return an object like that:

report.has_error #return if we can transfer the file or not
report.has_warning #return if we should display some warnings
for data in my_file:
	report[data].has_error #return if this data has raised an error
	report[data].has_warning #return if the data has raised a warning
	for error in report[data].errors:
		error.summary #informations about the error
		error.can_be_fixed #return if the error can be fixed
		error.is_warning #return if the error is a warning
		error.fix() #return the data fixed

This object should be generated by a module which take:
 * For each data, some test functions
 * For each casio models, some rules to use with previous functions

It's a detail, but an error.summary property will said that we introduce some end-user text to translate in casetta (for the moment, all end-user messages are in interfaces). Maybe we can make instead an property, with constants for each id, and interfaces will use their messages for each id...

About backups, I think they should use the Fx-Interface model, they should be calculator dependent, although it may be possible to transfer a backup of a G35 to a G65. However, we will have huge problems !

The Fx-Interface is to make manage backup in another way than all other data. We could simply use a rule to check is the model match the backup (it's easy, we know where the model is stored in a backup), isn't it ?

About the particularities, you are right it is the first thing we should do. Listing the particularities may help us to find a good implementation.
Where should we publish this information on the wiki ?

Here :

I'll make the firsts tickets about the compatibility system in

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